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Comprehensive Eye & Vision Examination


Checking your eyes periodically is an important part of keeping healthy & avoiding bigger problems in the future. Many conditions do not manifest any signs or symptoms until it is too late. Early diagnosis & treatment are therefore important in maintaining eye and vision health.


For your peace of mind, we only use equipment which have a proven track-record and that can deliver results consistently.


All you require is a routine eye check however, in the event we do find a problem, rest assured that we will keep you informed at every step of the way.

Sub-Specialist Ophthalmologists


Medicine has evolved rapidly over the past century, such that we now have many branches of Medicine or 'Specialties' (e.g. Orthopaedics for Bone conditions, Ophthalmologists for Eyes etc.) 


Ophthalmology itself has progressed as a specialty in the past 2 decades such that there are now many 'Sub-Specialists' looking after each different aspect of your eye or its affliction (e.g. Retina, Cornea, Oculoplastics etc).


All our Consultants practice General Ophthalmology, like perform cataract surgery, and have also further trained extensively in a particular sub-specialty to provide you with the very best eye care. 

Get information on your condition in the clinic or online



More often than not your visit to the doctor entails a very long wait and then before you know it its all over! You frequently can't remember what that diagnosis was that the doctor told you or when you get home you suddenly remember what you had forgotten to ask!


We feel it is never too late to ask and that all patients should be empowered with the knowledge of their condition.


We invite you to browse this site for more information and if it is not available, just leave a message and we will get back to you. 

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